Friday, September 19, 2008

Into the Highlands

Riding south after morning prayers, away from the still-smoking walls of Bizercca, Driss Dey seethed inwardly over the insult to his dignity delivered by the warships of the Franj. A late-night convocation of the leaders of the city's millets had resulted only in unanimous protestation of ignorance and surprise, none of them offering any insight or intelligence from their contacts overseas.

While his capable and energetic young agha oversaw repairs to the Bizercca presidio and harbour defences, orders had been dispatched to the Dey's envoys in Limburg and Britannia to acquire heavier artillery as well, to prevent any possibility of a repeat of the sneak attack.

The harbour defences, though, were only designed to cover an approach by sea. The possibility of another attack supported by a descent of the Franj on the coast had to be countered. In the glory days of Babbarosa, the Deylicate could rely on a Turkish ocak of over 25,000 men, but the decades of peace since the Treaty of Belgrade had seen it dwindle to less than a quarter of that number. Knowing better than to show weakness to the Porte by requesting a new levy, the Dey instead now rode into the highlands of the interior, to the Kaybeebee tribal lands of his mother's people to recruit an army capable of revenging the insults of the Franj...


ColCampbell50 said...

That Turco cuts a mighty fine figure. Will we be seeing more of them as the Bey increases his forces?


Capt Bill said...

Hard to believe any Christian country would sell arms to the Bey while fellow Christians languish in slavery.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, Captain Bill, you know the old saying, "business is business".

I hate to say it, but you don't have to look very hard to find numerous examples in the 20th century . . . I won't comment on more recent history because this is not the proper forum for such . . . but just look at the conflicts of the last century for some sad examples.

At least in this instance it will only be toy soldiers who "pay the price" . . . and even they will not truly be harmed.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Looking forward to discover the fierce units raised from the tribes!
I toyed with an idea along not dissimilar lines with the Legion Kabyle- unfortunately not really illustrated, and I no lonher paint minis...
so cheer the (D?)ey!

PS: Monte-Cristo denies selling weapons to anyone; now, if emissaries happened to sign such a contract in our Casino, our responsability cannot be endvisaged Louys