Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journal Notes of Lady Codswallop

Emir Driss Khal-al-Waw is the twelfth Pashaw of Bizercca to hold the stile of "Dey," granted with a magnanimity on the part of the Turk exceed only by the incapacity of the Sublime Porte to do otherwise.

Nevertheless, real power was frequently in large part in the hands of the ocak, militias recruited in Anatolia, or in those of the Taifat-al-rais, a body of corsair captains who provided the state with its principal sources of income.
The dey holds absolute power, assisted by a divan composed of the Treasurer-General (khazinedar), the Chief of the Army (agha), the Minister of Marine (Wakil al kharj), the Procuror of the Chamber of Shipping (Bayt al malji) and the Collector of Tributes (Atkhodjan).

The Deylicate is divided into eight departementes, that of Dir al Sultan--, administered directly and composed of seven regions (watans) governed by Turkish kaids. The rest of the country consisted of three provinces (beyliks) each with a bey (named by the dey) in charge.

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