Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reconnaissance Parties

Along the beach, well to the north of Spilt, a single xebec approaches shore, close enough for two bands of men, exotic in their Mahgrebi attire, to splash through the surf onto the Dalmatian shore.

At a notional scale of 1:20, this represents the full complement of manpower the xebec could bring to fight, in addition to the slaves below to work the oars. Since the Dey's xebecs are relatively crowded, especially for a strike across the Mediterranean all the way to Dalmatia, the challenge of keeping food and water in adequate supply on board is constant. Raiding parties will venture up and down the Dalmatian coast, possibly as far as Lagerburg and Slobbovia, to keep the Dey's men fed while the plan against Spilt is brought to fruition.

[Ed Note: Those following Prinz Geoffrey's posts on Cavenderia may note that these figures, from Askari miniatures, are in a different scale than the Bashi-Bazouks seen there. The rules to arbitrate the raids are still being considered. I am tempted to order Legends of the High Seas and, perhaps, Legends of the Old West: Alamo to allow us to use our figures for both skirmish and larger actions, along with the naval rules included in LotHS. Reader recommendations are welcomed.]

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