Monday, December 1, 2008

Raid on Twinj

The reconnaisance parties sent out by the Wakil returned a week later with news of the surrounding countryside. Most pertinently, it had been discovered that beyond the coastal ridge the countryside opened enough to permit herding and horse-breeding. Indeed, the town of Twinj, not 20 miles to the north of Spilt, was to celebrate the miraculous deliverance of its citadel from a siege by the Ottomans on the Feast of the Conception of St. Anne fifty years ago with a festival of horsemanship, including the jousting tournament called the Alka, open to all the young men of the countryside.

While the best horses would no doubt all be in Twinj for the festival, the prospect of the horse farms and herds of the countryside around the town being left to the care of the servants and old women whilst the greater part of the countryside thronged the town for the festival presented an opportunity to both rebuke the Franj and to increase the corsairs' options in the face of the mounted relief force which was expected.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Cursed Bizerrcans gaining a foot-hold on Cavenderian soil would be most foul.

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